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Blankets by YELLOWS

Seller's Description

Protect yours and your children’s vital organs from harmful EMF radiation whilst using tablets, phones, WiFi and during plane travel.

Blankets by YELLOWS are especially lightweight so they are easy to take with you wherever you go. 

Available in aqua and grey. Size 70cm x 90cm. 

Please note that if 5G is in your area, sadly there is very little you can do to protect against 5G radiation and we don’t believe these blankets will reduce exposure. 

The blankets an be connected to the Earths natural resonance with a grounding lead. 

Use as a blanket or fold the material and place under your keyboard as an earthign pad so that your hands connect to the earth. 

In order for your body to benefit from grounding, bare skin needs to touch the blanket. The size of the area of skin is unimportant, the grounding effect will surge through your body. 

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