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YELLOWS Classic Collection

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The light we expose ourselves to is as important as the food we eat. Studies show that artificial light can cause eyesight degeneration, suppress melatonin, aid degeneration diseases, cause eyestrain and fatigue and even effect your appetite. 

We are being exposed to far higher quantities of intense blue light than any previous generation. Filtering out degenerating blue light is a great way to help you stay young and protect your health. 

Day YELLOWS have a yellow lens and are for daytime wear when in artificial light. 

Night YELLOWS have an orange lens and are to be worn in the hours before bedtime to protect your melatonin levels to the max. 

They come in Tortoiseshell, Black, Navy and Grey in two sizes

Regular 52mm(lens) x 17mm(bridge) x 140mm(arm);

Large 55mm(lens) x 18mm(bridge) x 140mm(arm). 

For much more information and details on corportate packages please visit our website at


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